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Azurite, Malachite & Chrysocolla - Generator - Tower - Crystal Carvings

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Azurite is a rare variety of gemstone-quality copper ore. Azurite is one of two basic copper carbonate minerals (malachite is the other). Azurite is rarer than malachite and is considered more valuable.  The Azurite picture above, has a very thin layer of the blue Azurite, To look at it closely you would think the blue is a powder. I cleaned my first rock and lost the blue colour. It is not gemstone quality.

Azurite gets its name from the Persian word ‘lazhward’, which refers to its distinctive, vivid blue color. Azurite is a fairly soft stone .

Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral.  Malachite is used as a source of copper and as a gemstone. It often occurs with azurite in copper deposits. Malachite often has distinctive concentric bands in varying shades of green, which make it an interesting gemstone. It is a very soft stone.

Malachite is a Very Soft Gemstone, it has been , use to be grounded it into powder to make eyeshadow. Malachite has also been used as the pigment in green paint. plus a lot of other things.

Chrysocolla colour can be among the brightest shade of blue and green, and is caused by its copper content. Chrysocolla is a soft mineral but it will hole together when cutting it because, of the other minerals, intergrown together with the Quartz stone.   Yes I fell in love with the stone colours. Other Minerals you can see is limonite, which is a brown colour in the rock.

Chrysocolla Rock.

This rock has different minerals in it, the colour light green-blue is the main colour, with quartz holds it together, with other minerals.

It is a bit hard to identify a rock, a gemstone, because there is all different sorts allover the world.