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Pink Amethyst with Flower Agate Druzy Sphere - Crystal Spheres

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 weighs 518g and measure 75mm circumference 




Druzy Pink Amethyst with Flower Agate and touches of Amethyst Sphere.




Pink Amethyst can help us to learn to view life experiences from a higher perspective and thus allow us to act with love and wisdom. The crystal's gentle, yet powerful energy can help us to become non-judgemental, to love and accept others as they are. Pink Amethyst provides protection against negative energies and entities. Placed over the Heart Chakra during relaxation, it can aid in releasing emotional traumas. Then add the delicate and nurturing feminine energies of Flower Agate to bring peace and calm to your life.




Pink Amethyst also brings:




Clarity of the mind


Calmness during overwhelming situations


Emotional balance


Comfort during times of sadness and grief


Increased intuition


Stress relief


Pink Amethyst can be used in various ways to benefit from its wonderful energy. Placed under the pillow, can help us to experience lucid dreams and awaken with a clearer memory of what we dreamt about. We can also display Pink Amethyst geodes at home or at our workplace to cleanse the environment and cast away negative spirits. It can be used in a crystal grid for love with other Heart Chakra crystals like Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Thulite. Displayed in the bedroom, or in the children's room, Pink Amethyst creates a loving and peaceful ambiance.




Pink Amethyst raw, tumbled or jewelry can be an excellent gift for special occasions, including:




Valentine's Day






Baby showers








Mother's Day