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Rainbow Moonstone Sphere No 2 - Crystal Spheres

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Rainbow Moonstone 

Vibrates to the master number 77

Astrological Sign of Scorpio

All Chakra activating

“Stone of Higher Self”

Rainbow Moonstone assists in carrying rainbows into ones life and is a very unique contribution from the wraith within the formation; the energy assists one in examining that which is contrary and in sustaining the perpetual realization that humanitarianism and love are ever-present in one’s life.

 It brings the white light of healing and perfection and the multi-colours of the spectrum for activating each of the corresponding chakras.

 Rainbow Moonstone has also been used to assist one in recognizing the difference between “seen” phenomena (accessible to the senses) and those which are “unseen” or of another nature (accessible via the intuitive system). 

It is a remarkable symbolic instrument for deciphering “the world” and for promoting contact with the Higher Self.