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Dalmatian Jasper - Tumble Crystal Gem Stone

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Vibrates to Number 9

Astrological signs of Virgo & Libra

Stone of Learning & Growth

The Dalmatian stone (Jasper) can be used to balance out the yin-yang energy and to stabilize the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies, bringing them into symmetry with the etheric energies.

The Dalmatian Stone (Jasper) permeates the aura, providing for a cleansing effect to smooth dysfunctional energies and to dispel negativity.

It conveys a cautioning energy with respect to alerting one when danger is proximate.  It further acts to bring composure with calm action during the period of danger. 

The Dalmatian Stone (Jasper) assists one in being on the physical plane, and being in the corporeal body with gladness.

The mineral has been used by veterinarians in the calming of animals.  It has also been used in the amelioration of cartilage problems, to facilitate stamina and endurance in athletes to assist in the elimination of sprains and spasms.