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Fire Quartz 1 each - Crystal Towers & Generators

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Fire Quartz is a form of Hematoid Quartz that charges the Root Chakra with the will of Fire. This will help you to realize your dreams and desires, or take courageous steps in a new direction. The color ranges from pale pinkish orange to a dark rust color. Metaphysical Experts view all forms of Hematoid Quartz as a transformational crystal that blends the amplifying properties of Quartz with the stabilizing properties of iron in the form of hematite.

Trust in us that we will intuitively choose the correct piece for you.


  • A form of Quartz Crystal with Iron Vapor Deposits
  • Can Have Both Clear and Opaque Sections
  • Colors Can Range from Light Rust to a Deep Rust
  • Color Depends on Iron Content


  • Helps Balance the Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Aligns The Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra
  • Help Us Reconnect with Our True and Highest Self
  • A Great Stone for Ground And Stabilizing