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Green Aventurine - Tumble Crystal Gem Stone

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Green Aventurine

“Heart Chakra”

Vibrates to number 3

Astrological signs of Virgo and Sagittarius

“The Balancing Stone”

Aventurine provides for balancing of the male/female energies, enhancing one’s creativity while supplementing motivation in activities, and augmenting the “pioneering spirit”

It also reinforces one’s decisiveness, amplifies ones leadership qualities, and has been a willing participant in instinctive as well as intuitive action.

The most common colour of Aventurine is green and is used primarily at the heart chakra to both activate and clear.  It is also an excellent protector of the heart chakra, providing for a shield to block the entry from those “energy vampires” who wish to “tap in” and to use the energy of another, and to further stimulate the loving aspects of one’s nature while continuing to protect one from any harmful energies and/or negativity which may be on a potential or actual incoming route.