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Mookaite Cubes - Crystal Carvings

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Vibrates to number 5

Astrological sign of Scorpio

Root, Third Eye and Solar Plexus chakra’s

“stone of Strength”


 Mookaite Jasper is a form of Jasper which is opaque, usually patterned, sometimes pure grey to white porcelainized diatomaceous sediments; it occurs in massive formations.


Mookaite was named by the miners and the mineral dealers for the locality of discovery, Mooka Station, Western Australia, Australia. The specimens are from the same locality.

It assists one in dealing with negative situations and provides for a shield of uncompromising strength when one confronts danger.  It also helps one grow emotionally, with change.

It assists with decision-making when dealing with a dilemma, guiding one to the best possible decision.

It also stimulates contact with loved-ones who have ascended to other planes and can be used in communication with animals.

Mookaite is a very shielding and has been used during combat; the stone can act to stimulate the optimum levels of well-being within the user, while affording protection to the body.  It further acts to enhance awareness of one’s immediate environment and produces an energy of “alert” when one is threatened by any form of harm.  Hence, the stone exhibits an excellent energy for carrying or wearing in “the city”, during travel, and to further allow too rest within ones environment.