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Peach Sunstone in moonstone Big Puffy Hearts - Crystal Carvings

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Relaxing / Calming/ Relationship / Emotions / Spiritual / Stomach / Hormones / Fertility / Intuition/ Positivity / Focus / Energy / Emotions / Luck / Creativity / Self-esteem / Joy / Balancing / Crown Chakra / Solar Plexus / Sacral Chakra 

As Sunstone and Moonstone has very similar chemical compositions, sometimes a stone have properties for both.

Unlike Sunstone which has a more fiery energy, this good quality Sunstone/Moonstone sphere offers a more calming energy while having those amazing properties of Sunstone. The bonding of Moonstone and Sunstone creates great harmonizing Yin and Yang energy that helps in balancing our energy.

It is extremely useful for those whom would like to focus healing for their Sacral Chakra in improving Fertility and other female's reproductive system issues, as well as promoting emotional healing in releasing negative emotions.


Moonstone, a stone suitable for both gender, is an excellent crystal to help balance mood swing and repair skin cells. 

Moonstone brings calmness and also helps one to express feeling. It also helps in bonding relationship. Aids in having a restful sleep for both adults and children. It is a stone that can help give supportive energy to find lost inspiration, and enhance intuition.

Moonstone is extremely beneficial for women as it helps to balance homos, enhance reproductive system and ease PMS. It also aids with digestion issues. 

Peach Moonstone helps in balancing and energizing the Sacral Chakra, which focuses more on female's reproductive system than other moonstone varieties.

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This gorgeous peach sunstone in moonstone sphere has amazing flash and stars & super high quality.

Measures 11cm L x 9.5 cm H x 5.0cm W

Sunstone is a stone of great positivity that brings an uplifting energy to the wearer. It is one of the most powerful crystals for the Sacral Chakra, which is related to emotion balancing, self-empowerment and creativity.

Sunstone brings joy and supports those who often feel negative or having self-doubts. It restores self-worth, boosts courage, and helps the wearer to stand by their final decisions when necessary. It aids people who do not know how to say “no”.

As Sunstone can remove “hooks” from other people that is attached to our aura or Chakras, it is helpful for those who tend to get too attached to someone or issue with someone which affect them from their daily routine. 

Sunstone also promotes acceptance of opinions, and teaches the wearer to receive support and love with gratitude. It is also useful for career advancement as it brings good luck and enhance leaderships. 

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