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Phoenix Tower - Crystal Towers & Generators

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Phoenix Tower - Measures 9cm 












Phoenix Stone emits the loving energy of the Goddess, Mother Gaia, adding sweet loving communication with Spirit and the Angels with a deeply feminine vibration. It is unparalleled for its sweetness and positive energy. This stone is a master integrator, specifically addressing issues of discord. Also known as Ajoite crystal and the "Phoenix Rising" stone, it assists in the spiritual evolution of humanity, not only as an individual but as a whole as well. It is a powerful mineral of transformation and healing in all areas. Melds the heart and the throat chakras so that one may truly speak from the heart. Although the energy of this stone is mainly within these higher chakras, it has a powerful effect within the entire body. It will clear all of the chakras of any disharmonious energy and allow your Light body to unite with the physical body. Any pain or attachments of negative entities will be gently released by its vibration, bringing a quiet peaceful change to your entire body. Keeping this stone in your auric field is all that is required to have its vibration begin to resonate with your etheric body. These crystals enhance creativity and will aid manifestation by removing self limiting beliefs, which have been holding you back from your highest good. Provides peace, joy and acceptance. Use Phoenix Stone in daily meditation. This will help to release anger, and is especially powerful to eliminate jealousy and other strong negative emotional reactions. It is ideal for self-healing and perhaps the most beneficial stone for emotional healing. It links one's soul with the soul of the Earth. The meaning of the name of this stone comes from Ajo, Arizona where it was first discovered.












Phoenix Stone supports all of the reproductive organs and can provide healing. It has been known to reduce ovarian cysts and reduce the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and premature ovary failure. This crystal can help subdue premature labor. It can be used to help elevate your mood when hormonal imbalances cause depression, excessive anger or other emotional extremes. It is an effective stone to use when PMS or menopausal symptoms cause difficulties. It assists iron based stones such as Hematite, in strengthening the blood and anemia.