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Velvet Malachite - Crystal Carvings

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weighs 77g & measures 6 cm L


Velvet Malachite : from Kasompi Mining District, Lualaba. D.R.Congo

Velvet Malachite often forms as botryoidal, fibrous or stalagmitic masses in fractures and crevices in underground spaces. Occurs where copper deposits are in contact with limestone

Malachite is one of the most important minerals for protecting against negative energies. It fills our auric fields with positivity, while simultaneously pushing all the negativity outwards. Malachite is known to create a “cloak of invisibility” around the user. This will remove you from certain confrontations and make you less susceptible to negative energies. This stone also helps with emotional balance, especially during times when people around you put their “baggage” on you. Malachite offers the willpower to confront and get past any emotional and physical blockage happening in your current life. Lastly, it helps people who lack self-confidence and self-responsibility. This powerful mineral assists in making progress on your spiritual journey and is a must-have for anyone who is constantly working on themselves. Malachite opens the heart and will allow for balance on all levels.

Malachite absorbs negative energy very easily but does not release it. It's very important to constantly cleanse and clear your Malachite pieces, especially if you are someone who wears or carries them every day.

Vibrates to Number 9

Astrological signs of Scorpio & Capricorn

Assists in activating and clearing all chakras.