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Yooperlite Native America - Crystal Carvings

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The yooperlite is a stone of truth and allowing to recognize and express objectively his feelings. Yooperlite releases anger and negative thoughts and helps fight your fears and phobias. It creates a clear and perceptive mind, able to find inner peace. Yooperlite stimulates self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Although the fluorescing sodalite is common, Rintamaki’s Yooperlites do indeed contain a unique variation of the mineral that is rich in kyanite. Sodalite, a rich royal blue mineral, is what fluoresces underneath the ultraviolet light. (This means the sodalite absorbs the UV light and then emits it at a different wavelength, which is why it appears fiery orange.) Kyanite is also a typically blue mineral and is common in quartz.