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Black Obsidian Chanel Handbag - Crystal Carvings

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weighs 250g measures approx 7cm W & 7cm H

Vibrates to the number 3

Astrological sign of Aquarius

Black obsidian is used for “gazing” and to produce sincerity in action  and to further ones sight into future scenes and concomitant symptoms.

Note: there are black obsidian mirrors which are extensively used for “gazing” and which are formed of highly polished slabs and/or of highly polished half-spheres.

 The Obsidian, inducing creativity in all endeavours, has also been known as the “asking stone”. 

To activate this energy, one may “ask” questions aloud, and will receive a whispering answer with respect to the topics of how ones relationships, finances, health issues, and career choices are influenced by the universal energies that rules ones space-time continuum. 

The “whispers” also provide procedures for effective processes to assist one to reach only and always for the “positive”, leaving behind all travails, annoyances and trivialities of each moment.

It has further been used to assist one in work with the third-eye with respect to gaining answers to ones purpose(s) and ones lesson(s) which one had pre-determined to fulfil prior to entering the body this time.  T he information is given via the third-eye visions when the Black Obsidian is placed upon the third eye and one asks for that specific information.  The energy further brings the process of deliberate intent to the user such that one learns to “allow” and not to “make”.