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Feather Fluorite Sphere - Crystal Spheres

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Crystal Sphere
Weighs 716g measures 75.86

Purple High Grade Fluorite,

This mineral is another which exhibits the energies for our "Indigo Children", encouraging the presence of the appropriate members of the angelic realm and the manifestation of same, while producing the energies of perception, simplicity, safety, and love.

It further assists in providing for varied information transfers between one and the world of guides, decorating information with beauty, benefit, and enhancement, while promoting re-energization for all.

The mineral also promotes self-sufficiency such that one does not allow one's happiness to rest in "the hands" of others and such that there is no anxiety demonstrated or felt during confrontations. It also assists one to identify the differences in "love",  furthering realization that "falling" in love implies some loss of balance, while "being" in love implies being in the moment.

Rainbow Fluorite activates and energizes all chakras

Vibrates to number 8

Astrological sign of Sagittarius