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Aventurine Green Sphere - Crystal Spheres

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  • Attracts wealth
  • Boosts confidence
  • Supports heart health
  • Soothes emotional wounds
  • Manifests Opportunity 

Known as the “stone of opportunity,” Green Aventurine is the go to crystal to manifest prosperity, wealth, and increase chances in winning any kind of situation. Green aventurine is able to sooth emotional wounds by connecting to the energy of mother Earth. By targeting the heart chakra it is able to regenerate the heart, promoting compassion and empathy. Aventurine balances the male-female energy bringing clarity to move past imbalances, depression, and unhealthy relationships. This promotes a sense of well being and optimism that encourages perseverance and stability. This is a great stone for seekers like scientists, adventurers, explorers, and the ones that dare to reach for new horizons. By transforming ourselves, we transform our lives. 


Aries: March 21 - April 19

Leo: July 23 - August 22

Libra: September 23 - October 22

Element: Earth

Planet: Earth


To activate this crystal, affirm: I release all fear. I am abundant. I am prosperous. I am loved. I am guided. My life is filled with positivity, and I radiate prosperity. 



Green aventurine brings comfort and peace to your heart chakra. It harmonizes the body by balancing out the masculine and feminine energies, which balances the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric energies. This opens up the heart and releases fears. It also protects the heart chakra building an energetic shield around it to protect from those that would do harm. By opening your heart chakra, you will feel an uplifting energy that will make you more willing to embrace change and explore new experiences. Start dance classes, learn to cook, pick up a new language. A person begins to release angers, and be open to forgiveness.





Green aventurine is an all around healer; Anyone embracing the journey of life can use this to open the heart, while bringing luck and abundance into their experience. Its energy attracts winning, so carrying it when embarking on a new journey, going on a first date, or even while trying to win a bet or a friendly competition will significantly increase your chances of success. 

Green aventurine helps let go of negative habits, and disappointments. Allowing the carrier to embrace life with confidence, positivity and calmness. It is great at helping a person overcome short tempers, calming down destructive hyperactivity, and tension between spouses. Green aventurine can be used as a love crystal to attract love to your life. Just set that intention with it and carry it with you at all times. It is also effective at absorbing harmful electromagnetic frequencies emitted from phones, and 5G towers. You can use it by wearing it or putting it in the same pocket as your phone to protect you. 

To meditate with your crystal, place it on your heart. Feel the energy drawn directly from the Earth filling your heart chakra with healing vibrations that are bringing balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. This meditation will clear your aura, and work to open up the heart, helping you embrace your spiritual journey and reveal what life has to offer. You should always cleanse your crystal with a sage stick before and after use. 


With Green aventurine revolving around heart chakra, it helps with supporting heart health, and blood circulation. The part of the endocrine system that is stimulated heals all the organs around the heart like the lungs, and the surrounding muscles and skin. Therefore aiding in low cholesterol, heart attacks, thymus gland, and the nervous system also affecting eye health.


Green aventurine is used to honor Kuan-Yin, the Goddess of mercy, compassion, and unconditional love. The crystal has a powerful connection to nature spirits, and ethereal realms. It is powerful to call upon your healing spirits to aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It can also work to bring a troubled spirit at peace by cleansing the aura, and aid in guiding to release the emotional attachment. 

Ancient Tibetans would place Green Aventurine on the eyes of their statues to increase their vision. It would work in a similar manner to place them on your eyes while meditating to help in eye health and increase visionary powers. It can also be used during energy healing sessions to block negative energies, while bringing a heart opening comfort to the client.